Sunday, July 15, 2012

~JOTD~ Jewelry of the Day...Molten Metals and Classic Hoop Earrings inspired by CurlBox.....

  Hey Everybody!!!

 This is my JOTD from one day last week. Its was a gloomy, rainy July day so felt that greys, silvers, dark taupe fit the mood. I was also wearing my favorite thrifted silk polka dot shirt by Kathie Lee. I could have easily done bright colors but I didn't!

 Rosary: Beauty Supply Store-$1
 Cuff: Beauty Supply Store - $1 Ring: I don't know.:/ Neon French Manicure.....:)
 Silver Toned Hoops: Beauty Supply Store- $10.99
I first saw this hoops on a video on You Tube by Myleik, the founder of CurlBox. She was giving them away. As soon as I saw the tag that they were hanging on, I was like, "Those are at my Beauty Supply!" And....they were there for $10.99 in silver tone and gold tone.

These hoops have a bit of weight to them but they comfortable to wear. The etching is gorgeous as well. I've worn mine often since picking them up two weeks ago, but they are also turning colors...yikes. Maybe its the heat....



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