Friday, July 13, 2012

~Dazed + Adorned~ My All-Time Expensive Jewelry Wishlist!....

Hey Everybody!!

 First, I want to thank all of you who decided to catch the ride along with me on Dazed + Adorned! I'm grateful for your views, comments and LOVE!!

 Tonight, I'm going to show you my wishlist of expensive pieces that I have been DROOLING over for years. I love the full gamut of jewelry: expensive, cheap, handmade...whatever feels good on me.

Let's get started!!

I can't believe I still want this Return To Tiffany Heart Tag Choker !! LOL! Isn't supposed to be played out like a 8- track??? Truth is, I saw someone post not long ago on my FB page that their man bought them out recently and the wanting came back for me. I was really close to getting one way back in 2002, a co-worker was going to sell me hers but backed out of the deal.

Now this Tiffany 1837 Cuff is classic. I've tried it on...umm...a couple of times.:) I'm not a large tag spender, meaning, its hard for me to drop $200 or more one thing. $200 on grocery...nothing to me though.
I've been sick of over this Hermes Cuff for years.
Cartier Love Bracelet....I've even seen a questionable knockoff without a key, of course. lol! I left it right there. The real thing will be mine before you know it!:)

Classic diamond studs....ones that you can sleep in and have to screw them off to take them off. My great aunt had a pair, of course...She slept in them....lived in them!! These are Tacori.


I love David Yurman. He is one of my favorite jewelry designers. From the clover design to the wrap cord feel of his pieces, I will take  anything authentic from him. This cuff is gorgeous!

Last, I want my wedding band to be a eternity band. I don't really want an engagement ring, pay my car off instead, so I know its real!! LMAO! Simple bands with diamonds are beautiful.

So what is on YOUR all time EXPENSIVE jewelry wishlist...I want to know!! Tell me in the comments!

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