Thursday, September 27, 2012

~Haul~ My Birthday Goodies.....

Its safe to say that I'm a little obsessed with necklaces this fall. I wore big, statement earrings all summer. Now, that it is cooler and I can stand things around my neck, I'm on to necklaces, big, small, and definitely statement! I bought these two necklaces for  my birthday as gifts to myself at a local boutique. I learned the hard way, if you don't buy yourself what you want, who will?

 This beaded necklace is coming off very turquoise but its actually a dark blue green. The flash is giving it its life! Downside, its choker length. I didn't try it on in the store. However, I'm going to lengthen it. Always got to be savvy. smh

Got my white bubble necklace!! I wanted a white one sooo bad! Its got gold hardware but that's ok. Its also smaller than most bubble necklaces out there. I want a small black one, a pink one and turquoise one and I'm done!! LOL!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

~Wishlist~ My Birthday Wishlist from Etsy....

My Birthday is Sunday (September 23). Here are my most "wished" items from Etsy that I'm just putting out in the universe to receive!!

Rope Bracelet from Junghwa

The Eco Green Ulitmate Gift Set from Nest Pretty Little Things

Laser Cut Acrylic Feather Earrings from MlleCafeAuLait

I've been wanting a Love, Courtnie clutch FOREVER

Briolette Bib from Eclectic Ornaments


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

~Haul~ J. Crew-esque Bubble Necklace and Rings.....

Finally, I got the call that made me super happy yesterday. A local boutique, Almost Pink, has bubble necklaces in.

I know I could have ordered one online but I wanted a black one and I wanted to see the dimensions up close. Some the ones I spotted online where either small or big.

 Its actually really big and heavy...but I'm so happy to finally have my hands on one. I probably have bubble necklaces pinned 10 times on my Pinterest boards. lol! It was $22 at Almost Pink
 I went by the Beauty Supply Store to pick up some wig caps and scored all these rings in the pictures for $1 a piece.


Monday, September 10, 2012

~Celebrity Adorned~ Ashanti's "Bling Bling" Jewelry....

Let's Talk.:)

Today, I was scrolling through my Google Reader catching up on the blogs when I came across a post on The Fashion Bomb Daily on Ashanti and her "look for less" tank top. But that's not what caught my eye....

In the description of the whole outfit in the post it states: "She finished her look with diamond dog tags, crystal hoops, an icy watch (swoons), loose waves, and neon nails."

Diamond dog tags, crystal hoops and an ICY watch??! Is this 2001?!? LOL! 

Is Ashanti still rocking "BLING BLING"?! 

Can we still rock "BLING BLING??!?"

I was around for "bling bling", roughly the late 90s', early Millennium and trend was bananas. Even if your bling bling wasn't real, you decked out in  blinged out t-shirts, jeans, costume jewelry. Now, I'm pretty sure all of Ashanti's bling is real, she was killing the diamond studded jewelry trend back then like no other. ... But can she still rock jewelry that's not VINTAGE but still VALUABLE?

Eh, to each its own but I was taken aback by her dusting these pieces off and giving me 1999 tease.

That watch just screams..."IT'S MUUUURRRDEERRRRR" :/

Ashanti bling'd out...circa 2002.....

I aint gon to lie....this was fly song back...10 years ago. 

Can we still rock the "bling bling" with dignity in '12??? Let me know!


Pictures: The Fashion Bomb Daily

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

~Celebrity Adorned~ Jill Scott on the Cover of October 2012 Essence + Her Necklace.....

Hey Everyone!!

The internets at all a buzz today over Jill Scott's October 2012 Essence Cover and her sassy new cut. But my eyes went straight to her neck piece. I don't know who is the designer ( when I find out, I will update!!) but I absolutely LOVE IT!

Here's is a less expensive copy of the necklace that you can find at Color Coated Boutique for $25!! Hoping to order this necklace soon!!