Sunday, July 22, 2012

~Celebrity Adorned~ Nicki Minaj Chicken Wing Necklace.....

I'm not a Nicki Minaj fan. You would think I was because I do have her first CD on my iPod and I own her Viva Glam Nicki 2 lip stick but that's just pure coincidence. lol!

While I was scrolled website, I saw a chicken wing necklace that Nicki Minaj wore back in September 2011 for sale. She really wore a chicken wing necklace!?? I mean, I'll admit, that chicken wings are the reason I'm not a vegetarian right now, but I around my neck? I'm no where near that bold. It fits her gimmicky personality. Do you boo boo.

The original design is from Onch Movement for $100.00. Doesn't that look like a real wing dipped in pink sauce and hooked to a chain? Don't worry its 100 % animal free. I appreciate the genuine texture of the wing. Yum.:) has a similar style in different shades and colors for $7.35.

Would you wear it? Let me know in the comments!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

~Jewelry Haul~ Junghwa by Amy Stewart.....

I love Etsy. Its a great place to find just about everything but with a handmade touch. I'm always on the site trolling/cyber window shopping!

I was looking for a simple everyday necklace when I remember I had "Favorited" Junghwa by Amy Stewart's shop.

I picked out Silver Feather Necklace on last Saturday and it arrived today. Check out the deets!

Beautiful business card and tag. Its the little packaging touches that keep me a fan and a customer to a store.

Here's my girl!! Silver Feather Necklace. I put it on immediately and its light and falls perfectly on my neck and decolletage.
Here's the details on the necklace according to the description from the shop:

This oh so pretty silver feather has curves giving it a realistic look of movement. Perfect to wear alone or layer with another piece.

Pendant: 4cm (40mm)
Length approx. 22 inch
Shorter length available upon request (22" shown in photos #4-5)

You can also get a longer version and in gold.

My next purchase from Junghwa will be these earrings...teardrops that I will put in my second ear piercing. Teardrops are special to me:)

I'm officially a Junghwa fan!! Please visit the shop HERE and the Facebook page HERE ( There is a shipping discount code on the FB page when you like it:))


Monday, July 16, 2012

Jewelry Organization: How to Organize ( Small Scale)....

I came across this ADORABLE video by ToyaBoo on her ToyaBooView channel on her small jewelry collection and how she organizes it. Not everyone has massive collections and I think small collections tend to be more intimate and edited. I don't have small collection ( from my point of view)...probably medium-large collection-ish. lol! Anyway check out her video!!!


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Sunday, July 15, 2012

~JOTD~ Jewelry of the Day...Molten Metals and Classic Hoop Earrings inspired by CurlBox.....

  Hey Everybody!!!

 This is my JOTD from one day last week. Its was a gloomy, rainy July day so felt that greys, silvers, dark taupe fit the mood. I was also wearing my favorite thrifted silk polka dot shirt by Kathie Lee. I could have easily done bright colors but I didn't!

 Rosary: Beauty Supply Store-$1
 Cuff: Beauty Supply Store - $1 Ring: I don't know.:/ Neon French Manicure.....:)
 Silver Toned Hoops: Beauty Supply Store- $10.99
I first saw this hoops on a video on You Tube by Myleik, the founder of CurlBox. She was giving them away. As soon as I saw the tag that they were hanging on, I was like, "Those are at my Beauty Supply!" And....they were there for $10.99 in silver tone and gold tone.

These hoops have a bit of weight to them but they comfortable to wear. The etching is gorgeous as well. I've worn mine often since picking them up two weeks ago, but they are also turning colors...yikes. Maybe its the heat....



Friday, July 13, 2012

~Dazed + Adorned~ My All-Time Expensive Jewelry Wishlist!....

Hey Everybody!!

 First, I want to thank all of you who decided to catch the ride along with me on Dazed + Adorned! I'm grateful for your views, comments and LOVE!!

 Tonight, I'm going to show you my wishlist of expensive pieces that I have been DROOLING over for years. I love the full gamut of jewelry: expensive, cheap, handmade...whatever feels good on me.

Let's get started!!

I can't believe I still want this Return To Tiffany Heart Tag Choker !! LOL! Isn't supposed to be played out like a 8- track??? Truth is, I saw someone post not long ago on my FB page that their man bought them out recently and the wanting came back for me. I was really close to getting one way back in 2002, a co-worker was going to sell me hers but backed out of the deal.

Now this Tiffany 1837 Cuff is classic. I've tried it on...umm...a couple of times.:) I'm not a large tag spender, meaning, its hard for me to drop $200 or more one thing. $200 on grocery...nothing to me though.
I've been sick of over this Hermes Cuff for years.
Cartier Love Bracelet....I've even seen a questionable knockoff without a key, of course. lol! I left it right there. The real thing will be mine before you know it!:)

Classic diamond studs....ones that you can sleep in and have to screw them off to take them off. My great aunt had a pair, of course...She slept in them....lived in them!! These are Tacori.


I love David Yurman. He is one of my favorite jewelry designers. From the clover design to the wrap cord feel of his pieces, I will take  anything authentic from him. This cuff is gorgeous!

Last, I want my wedding band to be a eternity band. I don't really want an engagement ring, pay my car off instead, so I know its real!! LMAO! Simple bands with diamonds are beautiful.

So what is on YOUR all time EXPENSIVE jewelry wishlist...I want to know!! Tell me in the comments!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

~Jewelry Of The Day( JOTD)~ featuring Conversation Piece Designs and TheEccentricDiva..

Hi All!!!

Today's jewelry ensemble features some earrings from Conversation Piece Designs that I ordered a while back. I've worn them so many times and that's a record considering I can wear a piece jewelry once...and never again. o_o

I initially saw these earrings on a CharyJay video jewelry haul...I immediately ordered them.....:).
Bracelet was a contest winning from my doll Michele of TheEccentricDiva and the ring is from Almost Pink, a little boutique in my hometown.

So, what jewelry did you wear today? Let me know in the comments.....

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Monday, July 9, 2012

A NEW Baby!! Welcome to Dazed + Adorned..Jewelry/Accessory Blog...

 I just gave a new blog!!

As if I need to do another blog. LOL! smh. Some of you may know that have a beauty blog called Rural Glamour for six very interesting years. It is and was a labor of love. Besides being a beauty addict...I'm also addicted to jewelry: cheap, expensive, gold, silver, beaded, handmade, vintage...the list goes on and on!!

( Picture above..four sets of $1 bead sets from a local boutique piled on with my favorite simple necklace)
I wanted to bring my obsession from the occasional Twitpic and pin on Pinterest to its own little home....So welcome to Dazed +Adorned! I have so much planned and my creative juices are boiling over in delight. You don't have to be a jewelry or accessory addict to enjoy this site. Just sit back and relax and get DAZED + ADORNED!!!:))

Stay tuned for a be posted by the first of next week. I can't wait!!

( Picture above...Michael Kors inspired rose gold watch, bracelet from the $1 jewelry store, and ring from Plato's Closet)

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