Saturday, January 19, 2013

~Jewelry Haul~ Charming Charlie and Beauty Supply Store....

Hey Everyone!! I got to stop into Charming Charlie for a hot minute, and made a beeline to the clearance section.:)

I had my two eight year old eggheads, so I had to work fast. They are not shopping children. lol! I told them they had the wrong mother and grandmother to not like going in and out of stores!

The clearance section at my Charming Charlie had TONS of holiday jewelry: lots of chandelier earrings, rhinestone bracelets, necklaces, and very dressy pieces. I'm guessing that these things didn't move as much this past season.  However all of that stuff was BOGO Free! 

 I was looking to replace my silver cuff I've had over 10 years and I found this gorgeous studded piece.

 I wanted to replace my gold cuff too and I found this bracelet. They had this in black but the elastic that held it together was loose, so I'm thinking it was a return. I wanted the black too but I could not find another one.
 Now this is what I'm talking about with the holiday jewelry. lol! They had this $5.99 ring in blue, green, red, and clear rhinestones in a basket filled to the brim.

 I've been wanting a collar necklace. The stones this piece are beautiful!!

This watch was like $7.99 I think. I like the band and the design but I can barely see what time it is on it!! Good thing I have my phone.:)
I've saving this piece for summer...maybe.:)

Total with tax: $23.29!!!

Stopped into one of the Beauty Supply Stores ( BSS) and found some $1 goodies!!!:)))
 Bracelets, cuffs, love them ALL year around...the animal print bracelets may not fit. Damn.

I thought of Ahseik1118, a Youtuber and fellow jewelry addict/BSS girl when I bought those colored hoops. I'm going tuck those away for the summer. I got some basic rhinestone studs for a DIY project I saw in a magazine, so stay tuned!!!!



  1. Hey this was a nice haul! I keep hearing about Charming Charlie's but never been! I want that collar necklace!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yessss!!! I'm in love with accessories too! They add so much life to regular outfits. That collar necklace is HOT!