Wednesday, January 30, 2013

~Haul~ Beauty Supply Store $1 Jewelry Haul......

Stopped in one of my local BSS' to check out the jewelry. This particular store updates with new pieces and the pieces are a bit more on trend. The other store has alot of jewelry but alot of it is "junky". lol!

Everything was $1.

 Very cute wrap bracelets and an arm candy stacker.....
 These earrings, wooden with a beautiful tribal-esque fabric on both sides were $1. I could easily see this in one popular jewelry store for $15.
 Both the front in and back are fabric covered.
 Cute little heart necklaces for layering. I love heart jewelry.
$1 Bib necklaces!! And they lay beautifully and are fairly made well.

Tip for shopping $1, $1.25, $1.50. or $1.99 jewelry spots or independently owned Beauty Supply Stores (not Sally):

I always look for pieces that are on trend and also look like they cost more than a dollar. Some stuff in those stores are just a junky mess and others are diamonds in the rough. If your local independent BSS doesn't have a good selection, FIND ANOTHER ONE. Simple. The two in my small town are decent but there is one about 30 minutes away that is EPIC. I stop in and I have to control myself! If you can't find anything at the one's close to you, FIND ANOTHER ONE.:)


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