Monday, September 10, 2012

~Celebrity Adorned~ Ashanti's "Bling Bling" Jewelry....

Let's Talk.:)

Today, I was scrolling through my Google Reader catching up on the blogs when I came across a post on The Fashion Bomb Daily on Ashanti and her "look for less" tank top. But that's not what caught my eye....

In the description of the whole outfit in the post it states: "She finished her look with diamond dog tags, crystal hoops, an icy watch (swoons), loose waves, and neon nails."

Diamond dog tags, crystal hoops and an ICY watch??! Is this 2001?!? LOL! 

Is Ashanti still rocking "BLING BLING"?! 

Can we still rock "BLING BLING??!?"

I was around for "bling bling", roughly the late 90s', early Millennium and trend was bananas. Even if your bling bling wasn't real, you decked out in  blinged out t-shirts, jeans, costume jewelry. Now, I'm pretty sure all of Ashanti's bling is real, she was killing the diamond studded jewelry trend back then like no other. ... But can she still rock jewelry that's not VINTAGE but still VALUABLE?

Eh, to each its own but I was taken aback by her dusting these pieces off and giving me 1999 tease.

That watch just screams..."IT'S MUUUURRRDEERRRRR" :/

Ashanti bling'd out...circa 2002.....

I aint gon to lie....this was fly song back...10 years ago. 

Can we still rock the "bling bling" with dignity in '12??? Let me know!


Pictures: The Fashion Bomb Daily

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  1. Bless her heart, I always think she looks dated clothing, bling bling and makeup. Along with her mom and that cheap looking red lipstick she insists on wearing. The entire family needs a makeover.