Sunday, August 5, 2012

~Weekend Adornment #1~ How I Wore My Jewelry ......

I had a pretty full weekend. Kids, cancelled weekend plans, a funeral I didn't get to attend, a birthday party, church, a hangover. Too much. But I still looked good despite it all!! Here are couple of pics of my jewelry Saturday and Sunday.....
Saturday....full of the antics from the kids, emotions up and down from me....

This necklace was a $1 at the BSS. I LOVE IT. Its comfortable and it really gave my black tank, black vest and grey cutoffs and flipflops a pop of fun  and color I needed.
I wore no earrings in my 1st piercing, just my standard tear drop studs from Jungwha by Amy Stewart.....
Great wooden bracelet from the BSS as well...the color was like a fuchsia/red. I also have this in orange.

That night, I dropped in on my best friends's birthday party for what was going to be just a spell and to pay my love and respects and back to the house. Ended up staying the whole night until her dad kicked us all out of the venue since we had to be out by 1:30 am. lol! Plus, I "dranked" like I was 21 again, shots, jello shots, the club favorite Moscato, Coronas and still managed to eat and get back down the road back home safely. God is good. LOL!

These earrings are from the BSS too...$1.
Here's my arm candy, $1 pieces and three DIY pieces by me.:)
Silly duck face picture in the bathroom mirror. I just HAD TOO. LOL! I think that is soooo corny when people do that! But you get to see all the pieces I wore and the top that worked it around.
Sunday morning....

Earrings $1 at the BSS, Junghwa by Amy Stewart feather necklace and some arm party/candy I didn't get a picture.

Plus, a nice hangover that I healed with two ibupofens, grits, eggs, and grapefruit. I normally starving after a night of dranking up a storm.

So how was your weekend? lol!


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