Monday, February 4, 2013

~Haul~ Charming Charlie and Boutique Jewelry Haul.....

Hey Everyone!!

Got a jewelry haul for you, this time some of it is from an exchange I did at Charming Charlie and the other pieces are from an accessory boutique.

 I took about the silver bracelet from my last Charming Charlie haul (check out the  POST HERE!!). It was soo tight on my wrist. Their Buy One Get One Free sale was off but they still had tons of clearance so I just did an exchange.

I got the earrings and the bracelet above. I wear more earrings in the summer. I must explain my seasonal quirks in another post!

These pieces below are from an AMAZING place called This And That. Its located in Spartanburg. I used to slay this place years ago and then it closed. But, it actually moved across the street. So, if you remember This And That, its across the street beside Corona Restaurant now.:)

They have $1 dollar walls with $1 jewelry, then they have other regular priced stuff. I've personally bought regular price things in there too.

I got those four rings.
 Look at the this pink one. Beautiful!!
 I got these cute owl earrings.....
 This rose gold/ black bangle.....

 I picked up these two necklaces. They were in plastic so, I thought they were made out of some fabric material...but when I got home and look closer....

The necklace is made out of mesh with seed beads in them! The construction is so well made for them to be "priced" at a $1. Wow.
 Got these two pink and green necklaces that I think the pinks need to switched on but I'm going make it work.:)
And I couldn't get out of there with a silver stretch bracelet...that actually FITS. lol!


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